The 86 Saloon

The 86 Saloon at the Oakdale RanchIn 1992, our family purchased and refurbished one of the original saloons from the Templeton Historical Society and moved it to the Oakdale Ranch in Paso Robles.

This saloon was built in 1886 in downtown “wild west” Templeton. So many people have been thrown out of it after a night of too much fun that we refer to as the “86 Saloon.” This historic and well preserved building is rugged and feels like you have stepped back in time. Have dinner or play poker around the table with your friends while someone plays bartender behind the custom built bar. While you do that, imagine all the shenanigans that must have gone on in this place in it’s heyday!

Oh, and if someone gets a little too rowdy, just “86” them!
Saloon access is complementary with guest house stay and is also available to rent for special events.